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Sunday, October 31, 2010

I didn't Forget!

....just haven't had the time :(

Where to start? Well, school has been going great so far! Just a couple weeks into the term myself and 4 other classmates were asked to represent Fanshawe College at the IDC (Interior Designers of Canada) Interior Design Charrette. Schools from across Canada gathered a team to compete in the challenge. With only 7 hours we were asked to create a sculpture out of recycled items such as pop cans and card board. On a small card we were given the words 'Evolution, volution, revolution. What does it mean to you'. Then it was go time!

To stack on top of school I was racing the Ontario University Cup race series every weekend. Taking place at four different venues: Mansfield, Hardwood, Bolar Mountain, and Ganaraska Forest. Theses races are always fun, and in the two years I have been involved I think we have lucked out on the weather! No rain and no snow, just some sunny fall weather, couldn't ask for better riding! I defended my title again for the second year in a row. Make it three next year? Don't see why not :)

With my race season ending, some much needed time off the bike was in order. In replacement weight training has began. The life of a athlete...always have sore muscles...but the podium in worth it.

Because of the U-Cups I haven't been doing much fall road riding. That said, this week I was back to riding and having the weekend free from racing I managed to get out on my first fall road ride today. It appears I managed to time my first fall road ride for when the weather started getting cold. Only 3 degrees out this morning, and with the threat of rain I was a little hesitant while getting ready. Once I got riding I warmed up pretty quick. It was sprint day today. My legs were pretty unpredictable from doing weights. Every sprint I would stand up and hope for the best. Still a great ride, and wasn't snowing as it was in other parts of Ontario.

For the next couple weeks, i'll continue to truck aways at weights and hopefully get some more road rides in before the white stuff hits the asphalt.

I will also promise to stay on top on my updates!